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Who are we ? :

The German Institute of Technology in Cameroon is a training center for innovative technologies and a language school. In addition, our approach to training is designed to provide the learner with above-average performance and the autonomy necessary to create a place in the world in a professional manner.

GTIC (German Technology Institute of Cameroon) is a language school and training center in the fields of computer science, electronics and mechatronics, founded on September 5, 2018.


GTIC tackles  two main objectives, that is;  is to transmit European and specifically German knowledge and to master innovative technologies in Cameroon through a training-oriented practice, taking into account the context and expectations for young Cameroonians aspiring to persue innovative and technical skills.
GTIC provides students with all the necessary skills to advance the dynamics within their organisations so that they can effectively and fully  participate in the economic development process of their country and, consequently,  that of the African continent.

Traning Center

Computer Science

Web Development & Mobile

Master all the steps of designing a Web project


Master the skills and procedures of online sales

Big Data

Mastering visual Art techniques use de code universal


Accouting and Management

Organisation of the management and accounting work of a company

Secretarial Office

To learn modern office administration’s skills.

Accouting Desk

The secretary accoutant takes care of the secretarial and accouting work

Web Design

Movie Editing

Learn how to design and produce videos 

Graphic Design

Mastering visual Art techniques

Adobe photoshop

Learn how to designe images


community Management

Learn how to become a community manager on different social networks

Digital Marketing

Master the skills and procedures of online sales

Projet Management

Learn how to coordinate and manage a project


IT Maintenance

Learn how to repair the malfunctioning of  computer equipment

Network Maintenance

Know the elements and protocol of the network

Maintenance of Solar Kits

Knowledge of the installation and maintenance of solar appliances

I Robot


Project study , programming and  start-up of robotic system


learn all about robot


start-up of robotic system

Language School and German Immigration

German Language

 Preparation for the ZERTFIKAT DEUTSCH, TEST DAF 

English Language

Basic Users, Independant Users, Proficient Users. Preparation for the TOEFL,TOEIC,IELTS

German Immigration

Our team Gtic will help and assist  you to immigrate to Germany


“My training at GTIC gave me a wider perspective on what digital marketing was all about. it prepared for the labor market and gave me the courage the face of employment strategies in my country”


Digital Marketer

“Most students don’t know Photoshop, prestashop and the equipment that are really intended for image professionals.The aim is not to turn students into graphic designers, but at the end of the course they should be able to work independently on graphic design software”.


Graphic Designer

“Excellent training by an excellent teacher! Having started the course with no knowledge of web development, I wanted to know more in order to realise some projects…Very clear course, professional trainer  who will accompany you throughout your training”.


Web Developer
“My training at GTIC gave me a wider perspective on what digital marketing was all about. it prepared for the labor market and gave me the courage the face of employment strategies in my country”


Languague Student

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